Meet the Bunch – Antonio

By Latreal Mitchell


Name: Antonio, 10 Years Old

Bio: He loves to play tennis and hopes to go pro, seeing it as his ticket out to the inner city. He almost has an obsessive need to succeed. Small for his age, but is quicker and more agile than other kids. He is cool under pressure and confident with his abilities; There qualities make him a great athlete but also cocky and arrogant.

Special Skills:(already!): Antonio has great aim and a killer swing. He has a special tennis ball that has different surprises inside. When the ball hits the target it freezes it, or blows it up, or covers it in glue.

Sports of interest: Tennis, Ping Pong, Racquet Ball

Family:(already!): Mother and older brother (16). Mom works two jobs to make ends meet. Brother has an afterschool job. Any extra money goes toward Antonio’s tennis aspirations (lessons, equipment, etc.).

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